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                                                               Daniel's Move-Out Tips!
Some simple steps to help you get the most back from your deposit/ avoid any fees when you leave.

1.Try and get your apartment as clean as possible

  • If you had put up many things on your walls - using toothpaste to cover the holes (or spackle if you want to be professional).
  • If you have some big splotches, call the management and ask for some extra wall paint. I know this sounds strange but most complexes have this and will give you some (for free, maybe a cup full) but we willing to offer to go pick it up from the maintenance crew and have a container to put it in (plastic Tupperware, solo cup, etc..).

2. Clean off places you didn't thing were important (little stuff)

  • Window blinds. Also make sure they all point/ face the right direction!
  • Ceiling fans
  • The insides of cabinets - remember the ones you never used over the refrigerator, they collect dust.
  • Your oven - this one I'll admit can be a real hassle but a $6 bottle of oven cleaner that you leave on for a few hours makes it pretty reasonable.
  • Stove top pans - the thing under the burner element that always collects small pieces of food. You can pop most of them off - and either take steel wool to it or even replace them yourself for about $20 (check Target or Walmart).
  • Covering up any marks or scratched you might have caused moving out – a magic eraser (and some of that wall paint) and 20 minutes can save you a few hundred dollars!

3. *THIS IS KEY* Arrange a walk out tour - Similar to when you originally got your apartment and a leasing agent took you to look at the unit (or the model). Call the leasing office and ask for a "Walk through" before you have surrendered you keys. Plan for this to be after you have removed all your items from the unit and had some time to clean up. If possible at least a day before you lease officially ends.

  • This way you can hear from the complex management anything that you might be charged for - broken, damaged, will need to be replace, cleaned extra hard, etc. This will give you some time to fix, replace, or clean anything to avoid those charges.
  • If you have followed all of the above steps, there is a good change the person doing your walk through will say everything is great, and you can hand your keys over right then knowing you won't have any fees/ your whole deposit back!

4.If things get crazy with your complex (say they take you whole deposit or try to charge you hundreds of dollars when you leave), there are some things you can do.

  • Ask to see the receipt for work done. For example, if they have to "replace the carpet" but don't have a receipt for the act ... they didn't do it, and might have just cleaned it or replaced it with different flooring (which you are not responsible for helping them make an upgrade).
  • Ask! Ask your complexes what needs to be done, or if any charges might show up. Being nice and trying to handle things before they come up really can save you time/ money/ energy in the long run.

5. When in doubt, you can always ask me and I'll do my best to advise you on the best route to take!

                      Here is something else that will help you in your search.....

Remember this formula:

  • rent (divided by) square feet (equals) quality


  • Rent / Square Feet = Quality of the Apartment

This is the best way to judge a property without seeing it. Remember that a property will charge as much as they can, but the public will only pay what they think it is "worth". This formula will give you a score. It is JUST like getting a grade in school. The closer to $1 per sqft, the nicer it will be (like getting a 100% on a test). The closer to $.50 per sqft the worse it will be (like getting a 50% on a test). In the Innerloop, Medical Center or Galleria you can expect to pay 40% more. So an A+ would be $1.40, a B would be $1.30, etc.... Midtown and Downtown can be as much as $1.50/sqft.

This "score" is made up of BOTH the area and the age of the property. This is why sometimes an old property in a great area (a 20 year old property in the Galleria) might cost the same as a new property in a depressed area. So the trick is to rent the cheapest place per sqft that you still like. Hence you will get the most for your money, but you will not overspend. For example, let's say you go visit a .70 per sqft property, and you HATE it (probably a "C-" property). Then you know you will hate EVERYTHING ELSE on your list at or under this price/sqft. On the other hand if you LOVE it, then you know you don't need to spend .80 per sqft to get what you want.

Also, call for availability regarding EXACTLY what you are looking for BEFORE you drive to a property. Availability changes every day. They might have leased all the apartments that match you search criteria. Calling before touring will save you A LOT of gas and time!

And don't forget to put "Daniel at Monarch" down at any property you visit.

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